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Founded in 2014, Tonal Innovation is committed to bridging the gap between music and technology...

Smart devices have revolutionized the way people read books, newspapers, and magazines.  Tonal Innovation is giving band directors and musicians a way to use these devices during rehearsals and performances.  By creating new ways for bands to interact with music and marching drill, Tonal Innovation is bringing the band industry into the 21st Century.  


Tonal Innovation is committed to bridging the gap between music and technology by providing unique and everyday ways for musicians to utilize the smart devices they use in their everyday lives.  By creating new hardware devices and innovative apps, we give musicians in the United States an opportunity to perform their craft as they have never done before.   In addition to our innovative products, we offer our customers unparalleled service after the sale.  


It is Tonal Innovation's ambition to be the premier leader in the musical instrument accessory industry across the globe, providing incomparable service and support to our customers.



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