The Music App For Bands

For The Director...

We designed UNISON to work for band directors who want the flexibility of paper, without the hassle of the printer.  With UNISON, you have the ability to create a digital "library" from your computer and distribute those files instantly to students in your program.  As you make changes to your library, shared files automatically update within the UNISON app.  

For The Ensemble...

UNISON uses standard PDF files and allows you to view the entire sheet, or just the section you need, to make the most of your device.  Sign-in to the app to quickly search through files in your library to find the one you need, offline files for use when cellular reception and WiFi accessibility is limited, and mark up your music - just like paper - with the annotation tool.


Key Features



Group members by instrument and part to easily share files with your band.



Save files to your device for use when there is no cellular reception or WiFi.



Make marks and draw on your files - just like you would with paper.

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For questions before you order, email unison@tonalinnovation.com.

eFlip + UNISON = Winning Combo

Great software works even better with great hardware.  Bands who use UNISON in 2018, and who go paperless with eFlip, will receive an additional $2 off per eFlip ordered.  Contact sales@tonalinnovation.com for more information on our bulk pricing options and to take advantage of this offer.

Questions on Going Paperless?

The College Band Director's National Association (CBDNA) created a guide for band directors wishing to use copyrighted material in their performances.  Click here to access the document.