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What devices can eFlip accommodate?

eFlip fits smart devices between 2.25 inches (57mm) and 6.5 inches (165mm) tall.  In normal people terms, eFlip fits phones and tablets anywhere from an iPhone 5 all the way to an iPad Air.  We do not, however, recommend devices larger than the iPad Mini.

Isn't eFlip going to be heavy?

In short - NO - using eFlip with an iPad Mini and a case is the same weight as a university marching band's flip-folder.  By using smaller devices, you'll reduce the weight of the total package and it will be lighter than what you currently use.

Can drumline use eFlip?

Of course!  There are several lyre options for snare drums, quads, and bass drums on the market - all of varying quality and price.

Will the sun affect my screen?

Today's smart technology has improved sunlight readability tremendously and auto-brightness on these devices works very well for adjusting to different lighting conditions.  In our extensive testing the sun was never an issue for reading music and drill.  As far as heat and overheating, we have thoroughly tested eFlip - in 100+ degree heat and in below freezing temperatures.  Our devices never were rendered unusable and this is a nonissue.

What if it rains?

We strongly encourage you protect your smart devices from the elements.  There are many phone cases that protect from anything between a fall to a nuclear blast.  If you want to go cheap, Ziploc bags are not only water-tight, but they also allow you to still use the screen.

Why not just memorize the music?

We get this question more than we thought we would.  Ultimately it boils down to this - how are you going to memorize the music if you don't have the music in the first place?  eFlip is giving band directors a new way to share music with their students and a new way for students to read and practice their music.  Use eFlip to memorize your music so you don't have to use eFlip, just like you use a flip-folder to memorize your music so you don't have to use a flip-folder.

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