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The Flip-Folder For The 21st Century Musician



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The Modern Flip-Folder

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eFlip is a device that allows musicians to mount their phones and small tablets to their instrument with a lyre. eFlip fits smart devices between 2.25 inches (57mm) and 6.5 inches (165mm) tall. The Original eFlip attaches to your instrument via a lyre. eFlip Model T is designed to work with trombones and trumpets. eFlip model F is designed to attach to your forearm, allowing flutes, piccolos, sousaphones, and others to ditch lyres and flip-folders completely!

If you are a band director and are interested in purchasing eFlip for your program, please email for bulk pricing information.

eFlip allows musicians to interact with their smart devices - phones and small tablets - in a way that has not been available to them before.  With eFlip, musicians will have the ability to mount their phones and tablets to their instrument, opening up a new world of possibilities for the musician and the director.  The device is an adjustable clamp that fits phones and tablets and that attaches to instrument, via a lyre or directly to the instrument’s bell, allowing the musician to use various apps to enhance their rehearsal.  

How it Works:

  • Unscrew the top and bottom securing knobs

  • Adjust the moving support spine to fit your device of choice

  • Secure the device by tightening the top and bottom securing knobs

  • Attach the Original eFlip to your instrument lyre, attach eFlip Model T directly to your instrument’s bell, and attach eFlip Model F to your forearm via the velcro straps


  • Smart Devices, lyres, and instruments sold separately

  • Do not over-tighten securing knobs - 2 finger tight is more than enough pressure

  • This is not a toy and is not intended for small children who might swallow the small pieces

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